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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In Praise of Daydreams

The other day, my husband gave me an affectionate poke and said, "Wake up!" Startled, I looked up at him, realizing that to the untrained observer, I likely did look like I was asleep - albeit with my eyes open. I was, after all, propped against a bank of puffy pillows, staring into space, and uttering the occasional sigh. What he didn't know was that I was participating in one of life's most underrated activities. I was daydreaming.

This blog, as with many things in my life, began as a daydream. Some of my best ideas have come to me when I was alone with my thoughts, mentally lending an ear to the quiet whispers that drift through my mind, as fleetingly as dandelion puffs.

You see, these precious little pieces of myself are just too unobtrusive to compete with the ruckus of everyday living. The only way I can hear them - and indeed, honor them - is to be still; to turn inward and let my thoughts light on the pinpoint of an idea. Only then does the idea begin to grow in dimension - inward and outward all at once - until I can turn it over in my hands like an expertly cut gem. More and more of its potential is revealed as each facet catches the light of my attention, and suddenly, a once unformed thought becomes something beautiful, useful, and uplifting.

For some people, it may take the form of music or art. For others, it may find its full measure in the garden, or even the boardroom. But for me, it is always the same. My daydreams bring me home.

I'm not talking about the messy-kitchened, dusty-cornered house that too often asserts itself around here, I'm talking about the home that lives in my heart; the one I'm creating through ingenuity and elbow grease; imagination and reclaimed treasures; white paint and a gentle eye. The home that I'm creating day by day. And did I mention that the children in this home are always kind and loving? (Yes, I'm a dreamer.)

Very soon, I'll share some pictures of things I've created while wandering with my daydreams. I hope you will enjoy them, and maybe even gain some inspiration for your own dreams.


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